Professional Staff

The professional staff at Watermark welcome the opportunity to work with their students by focusing on identifying the player’s goals and implementing and executing a game plan to meet that goal. 

golf professional


Head Golf Professional

Mick’s teaching philosophy is based on using the strengths of each individual golfer and applying the fundamentals that each golfer can handle for their ability. Good fundamentals include correct grip, stance, and posture. The ability to hit the golf ball with an inside swing path is also one of the first things that Mick works with a student on, as opposed to an outside or over the top swing. Consistency in these areas leads to a more repeatable and effective golf swing.

Nick Gray


Golf Professional

Nick was the lead instructor at Coyote Preserve Golf Club in Fenton, MI for 4 years before spending 2 years at University Park CC in Sarasota, FL. He enjoys working with golfers of all ages and abilities. Nick believes in studying and learning different teaching techniques and philosophies because golf is an always evolving game and no 2 swings are exactly alike.

golf professional


Golf Professional

Upon graduating from the Professional Golf Management program at Ferris State University in 2013, Cole was a certified golf instructor at GolfTEC in the greater Chicago area. During this time Cole developed a passion for teaching and coaching golf. He is currently a Titleist performance Institute (TPI) Level 1 Certified Coach – a program dedicated to how the body and swing are connected. Cole offers lessons to golfers of all skill levels, from beginner golfers to expert level players.

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