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Men’s League

Men’s League is on Thursday’s from late April through the end of August.  The men form their own two-man teams and play 9-hole matches.  The format is a two-man best-ball with handicaps being based off of the lowest handicap in the group. Teams can choose a tee time bracket that best fits their schedule. (Early: 3:00 – 3:35, Middle: 3:15 – 5:15, Late: 4:45 – 6:00).   The League is divided into two groups classified as lower handicap and higher handicap. The best ball format is great in that your team only needs one net score on each hole to match against the other team’s one net score.  Let’s face it, we all may love golf, but it sure is nice to know your partner’s got you covered when you’re having “one of those holes.”

Points are awarded for winning or tying a hole with each match being worth 18 total points.  Teams accumulate points over two halves of the season with the 2nd half starting over at zero for all teams.  The teams who accumulate the most points in each half are given Pro Shop credit dollars that they can use toward spending on merchandise in the Pro Shop.

The League is tremendously popular, and each year has approximately 150 men who participate.  It doesn’t really matter if you are a golfer in for the competition or just a really busy guy looking for a scheduled game of golf to balance your hectic life.  The League is a great place to relax and have fun.   Many of the players will stick around after their rounds and enjoy a beverage or dinner on the patio.

If you do not have a partner,  you can sign up as a single and the Pro Shop Staff will do their best to find a partner of similar handicap and tee time availability, or you can post your name on the sub-list and guys will call or email you when they need subs. With 150 men in the League, there is a need for sub-players just about every week.

Senior Men’s League

If you’re a senior guy who is either close to retirement or already there, this group is for you. Generally speaking, their ages range from early 60’s on up into the 80’s. These guys have lots of fun each Tuesday and Thursday getting together and playing golf as a group. The group has about 12-16 players, and each day there is a different kind of team event that they play. The guys do play for a few “sheckles,” but it’s more about getting out and socializing with the guys.  They generally start playing on those days around 9am in the summer and around 10am in the Spring and Fall.  After they finish 18 holes, they usually gather as a group for lunch in Cork.

This group is very social and while several of these guys have been members for close to 30 years, newly “retired dollars” are always welcome in this group!

Women’s Golf League

The women of Watermark do not have a league with preset teams and matches. They do however, have weekly golf from early May into early September. The women have week to week sign up sheets posted in the ladies’ locker room.  Each week is a separate event, with the opportunity to play with different people if you choose. On Tuesday mornings, there is a group of women who play 18 holes and generally are paired in threesomes. They do put in a small entry fee each week of about $3.00 and prizes are awarded to the teams who score the best in that week’s event. On Wednesday evening there is a group that plays 9 holes and they are also generally paired into groups of three.

Women of all ages and ability levels play in both of these groups. For the most part, the women who play 18 holes are golfers who have played the game for several years but players of all abilities do play in this group. The 9 hole group has a wide range of age and ability levels as well. While competition does exist within this group and there are several lower handicap players who participate, this group tends to be more “socially” interested in golf then “competition” oriented. Players from both groups generally gather after their round for lunch / dinner.

The women golfers of Watermark cover a huge range of playing ability and their golf association committee has worked extremely hard to encourage women to get involved in some way. Whether it is to improve their games or just have some time away from busy lives for social interaction, getting together as a group a weekly basis is a great way to accomplish both.

Please contact the Pro Shop if you have any questions about women’s golf or any other golf events.

Junior Golf Program

Watermark has a terrific Junior Golf program for kids of all ages and abilities. For Full Golf Members, parents can select one of three ability options for their children to participate in: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. For Sports and Social Members, our programs are broken up into two separate sessions by age: 9 & Under and 10 & Older. Each of our sessions meet for one hour on Tuesday mornings/afternoons from mid-June through early August. The Intermediate and Advanced groups play golf either after their clinic or as part of their clinic each week. The Beginner group and Sports and Social groups do not use the golf course as part of their program, but all the kids in each group have an “education session” where course care, etiquette and safety are taught to them.

The programs are taught by the PGA staff members and PGA Apprentices of Watermark.  Watermark is very committed to helping to grow the game of golf for kids and the Junior Golf program gets them all going in the right direction at young ages.

Aside from the Junior Golf Instructional Programs, Watermark also hosts a PGA Junior League Team. The PGA Junior League is a new program from the PGA that allows Juniors between the ages 8-13 to play team golf against other teams in the area in a “little league” type setting. Each team is provided player uniforms, bag tags, and golf balls. This is a great new program that allows kids to play team golf in a semi-competitive environment.

Please contact the Pro Shop staff with any questions you might have about the programs and which group your child will best be suited for.

All league documents & forms can be found on the members page under club information.